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John 80's, who is also known by his fake name Balthazar Bratt, is an antagonist in the Howdy Cinematic Universe. He utilized his giant death robot and Minion death squads to bring destruction to the ruins of Los Angeles. He was killed by Howdy during their fight on January 31, 2019.


Early Life and Fall

John was a famous actor in his early life, and was the star of his own hit show, Evil Bratt. When he hit puberty, his show's ratings dropped dramatically, and was soon cancelled. With is reputation and livelihood destroyed, John turned to evil in order to live out his fantasies.

John quickly became one of the most dangerous villains, and was quickly added to the Anti Villain League's Most Wanted, where he remained until he was defeated by Gru and the Minions. Following his imprisonment and subsequent escape, a contingent of Minions calling themselves the "Brattists" pledged their loyalty to John.

Destruction of Earth

Following the destruction of Earth on New Years Day of 2019, John, his newly built death robot, and Minion death squads took to the streets of Los Angeles and engaged in a brutal turf war with the Bloods. He was defeated by Howdy on January 31, 2019 along with his personal Minion bodyguard.