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The Los Angeles Turf War is a conflict over control of the Ruins of Los Angeles following the destruction of Earth between the forces of John 80's and the Bloods.


Before the destruction of Earth on January 1st, 2019, the Bloods controlled most of Los Angeles, and were only opposed by the Crips, who were rapidly decreasing in strength.

John 80's had been waiting for a time to strike with his newly rebuilt 80's Robot, and Brattist Minion army. He decided to strike on January 2, 2019, as the Crips finished a massive exodus from Los Angeles.


John's massive minion army and robot took the Bloods by surprise, taking large portions of the city with ease. With the Bloods on the defensive, John decided to consolidate his troops and prepare for the next set of attacks against the Blood battle lines.

The Bloods, who were certain they would be defeated at this point, knew the only way to break the Brattist forces was to assassinate John 80's, a mission that would be suicidal for the average gang member. On January 14, 2019, the met Howdy Doody, and after a brief attempt at intimidating him, they inducted him into the gang as an honorary member, under the condition that he would undertake the mission to assassinate John.

After two weeks of brutal street fighting between the gang members and the Brattists, Howdy saw an opportunity to infiltrate the Brattist lines and kill John. On January 31, 2019, Howdy and John met on the battlefield, after Howdy eliminated John's bodyguards with a single magazine from his glock. After a brief confrontation between the two, during which Howdy was branded as a "bad boy", Howdy defeated John and crippled Brattist morale.

On February 3, 2019, Howdy said his goodbyes to the Bloods and departed for Mercury, leaving the Bloods to retake the rest of the city on their own. While John's assassination did cripple Brattist morale, the Brattist army is currently holding out against the Bloods, but have gradually lost control of large portions of the city, reducing their holdings to about a quarter of the total city area.