Terrence Fletcher is a former music teacher, who now works as an assassin. He was contacted by Paul Ryan in order to kill Howdy Doody. While Fletcher did not kill Howdy, he managed to severely wound him, making him the only being to date that has defeated Howdy.


Little is known about Fletcher's early life. Fletcher became a music teacher at Shaffer Conservatory in New York with the goal of creating the next Charlie Parker. After many years of teaching, he failed to produce such a musician, with his two most promising students committing suicide. These suicides led Shaffer to fire Fletcher.

After his stint as a teacher, Fletcher became a professional assassin operating out of New York. He was contacted by Paul Ryan in January of 2019, who asked him to kill Howdy Doody. Using his Crip connections to procure a ship, Fletcher traveled to Mercury, where he waited for Howdy until his arrival on February 4, 2019.

Their battle was fierce, but Fletcher recognized that Howdy, for mere nanoseconds, began to drag behind him in their battle, and used a cymbal to sever Howdy's arm. Fletcher looked at Howdy and sadly whispered, "You were dragging, Howdy" as the doll sat, propped against a rock. It is unknown whether or not Fletcher knew that Howdy's wounds were not fatal. This fight made Fletcher the only being that is powerful enough to defeat Howdy to date.

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