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Tom Hanos is an antagonist in the Howdy Cinematic Universe. He fought Howdy on Earth's Moon and was killed trying to obtain IT.


Tom was born at an unknown date on Titan in the Sol system as an Eternal-Deviant Hybrid. He became the manager of his local McDonalds, a job that he is extremely proud of. Tom wears his manager name plate on his shirt at all times, so as never to forget his quest to obtain IT, a mysterious dish that he learned about following his induction to the inner circle of managers.

His quest to obtain IT led Tom to travel to Earth, a quest that he prepared for by forging the Infinity Gauntlet in the fires of Titan's planetary core. Upon arriving on Earth's Moon, Howdy Doody revealed himself, and Earth was destroyed in the ensuing battle, killing billions. Tom forced Howdy to go Super Saiyan 3, a mistake that would kill him. Moments before Howdy delivered the death blow, Tom implored Howdy for compassion and begged Howdy to let him have "IT".